Vacation Planning!


Tips to make your vacation road trip easy.

Summer is approaching and it’s time for many of us to be making vacation plans. For those of you that will be seeing the sights by car, here are a few Auto Tid Bits to help make your vacation trip more enjoyable:

1. Take a few comfort items in your car:

      • Small pillows for your head.
      • Plenty of water.
      • Snacks like nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, & protein bars (try to avoid sugar).
      • Good Music that you enjoy.
      • DVD’s for kids are good, but take a few car games you can share together.
      • Trash bag/s (no explanation needed there).
      • Shoes for the car ride alone that are easy to get off and get back on.

2. Preparing your car for the vacation trip:

      • Change the oil & filter before you go, also replace the engine air filter.
      • Make sure tires have good tread and the air pressures are correct.
      • Have all belts and hoses checked.
      • Make sure the cabin air filter is clean (if not, it can trap rough odors).
      • Make sure all fluid levels are good.
      • Make sure all the lights and windshield wipers are good.
      • Last but not least, Make sure the suspension, steering and brakes are in good shape, that’s a huge safety factor.
      • One minor but important reminder, make sure your registration and state inspection are current. No tickets on this vacation please!

3. A few “DON’Ts as well:

      • Be very careful about the type of fuel you are using. The fuel that is labeled E38 is ONLY FOR FLEX FUEL VEHICLES!! Do not put this in your car if it is not a flex fuel car. It will leave you stranded and create very very expensive repairs.
      • Do not forget to carry your insurance and registration.  Also remember your driver’s license.
      • When parking your car overnight, do not leave electronics, bags, or any valuables in the seats or visible through the windows. That’s just inviting trouble.
      • Make sure that you have an I.C.E. (In Case Of Emergency) number on your cell phone.
      • Do not leave you garage door opener in view, keep it in the door pocket.


We want you to have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable vacation. If we can help you by inspecting these item for you, before you go, we would be happy to do that at no charge to you. It’s going to get kinda busy so call plenty of time ahead of your scheduled trip to have the inspection performed!

Car Games:

Here’s a few websites to help you with car games:

Most of all… Have Fun!!

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