German Auto Repair Northridge

The city of Northridge is home to large shopping malls, plenty of fine dining restaurants and even multiple luxury car dealerships. Many owners of high-end luxury cars like German imports believe that in order to receive the proper amount of care from experienced technicians, that taking their vehicle straight to the dealership for all maintenance needs is the only one to ensure the quality is there.

However, for luxury car owners in Northridge and the surrounding area, representing a much more affordable and personable alternative to the overcrowded and high priced dealerships, Monaco Motors offers the same level of care and quality but with a much greater emphasis on customer service.

Our specialists are certified and well experienced working with all types of German import vehicles. For BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi and Mini owners, finding the level of expertise and service that your vehicle demands has never been easier.

The experts at Monaco Motors know that each vehicle comes with a unique service schedule, a lot of work goes into the designing of each vehicle and as such, that same level of work and attention should be administered by the mechanics in charge of servicing your vehicle. However, following the maintenance schedule and keeping your car finely tuned is only one service that we offer. We understand that sometimes accidents happen and your vehicle can sustain damages that require a bit more work, which is why we also offer full repair services to restore your German car to as good as new.

Our Bosch certified staff will ensure that everything from ordering replacement parts to installing them and repairing your vehicle is handled as quickly as possible, allowing you to avoid the more expensive alternative of going to the dealership.

Drivers in Northridge know that the traffic can get bad, having a properly tuned and maintained vehicle will go a long way towards making even the busiest streets enjoyable to drive. Let Monaco Motors handle all of your car’s service and repair needs to make sure that your vehicle gets the maintenance that it needs with the customer service you deserve.