German Auto Repair Chatsworth

Full of numerous businesses throughout the streets, Chatsworth known as a place to go for whatever your needs may be. However, when it comes to finding maintenance for your luxury vehicle, it is important to find somewhere with the attention to detail that you can trust. Many places claim to have the experience and knowledge necessary to tend to higher end brands but oftentimes they use a “one size fits all approach” without fully understanding the specific differences in each make and model and the service that they truly need.

Refusing to settle and offering the right service for your vehicle, Monaco Motors brings years of experience servicing and maintaining import cars like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi and even Mini, understanding all of the differences that make them unique. For instance, the maintenance and care plan devised for a BMW has no business being duplicated for a Porsche or an Audi, as these cars each require different, model specific attention.

Our specialists have spent years learning about and working on all of these brands and more, striving to offer the most comprehensive care for luxury cars in all of Chatsworth. There is no substitute for quality and as such, when you choose Monaco Motors your vehicle will receive the same care and quality of work that a dealership would offer, but at a more affordable price.

Whether you need a routine service appointment for oil and fluid checks or tire rotation, or you need a bigger repair job involving replacement parts, our friendly staff will assist you throughout the process, getting your vehicle repaired and serviced with an emphasis on customer service.

With so many places offering affordable and friendly service throughout Chatsworth, finding one that you can really count on can be a long process. By choosing Monaco Motors to service your car, you are getting an experienced staff of specialists that understand all the work that went in to making your vehicle, with the same amount of care and attention going in to make sure your car is properly serviced and maintained. Call us today to schedule a service and maintenance appointment or to inquire about larger repair services that you may need.