German Auto Repair Calabasas

Finding high quality service for your vehicle is one of your biggest priorities, especially if you own a high-end luxury vehicle where peak performance requires specific routine maintenance procedures. This is particularly true for residents of Calabasas, an area known for expecting nothing but the best no matter what is required. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, your vehicle demands the same level of attention and care that you may get by visiting a dealership but without lengthy wait times and high costs that those trips may yield.

For drivers in Calabasas and the surrounding area, Monaco Motors has the staff of specialists that your vehicle has been waiting for. Bosch Master certified and well experienced with some of the highest brands of German import luxury vehicle, our staff will tend to your vehicle whether it is a brand new Audi or Mercedes or your MINI Cooper in need of a routine maintenance appointment.

We understand that each make and model of vehicle comes with a specifically designed service plan that must be adhered to, so no matter if it is your BMWs mileage-required checkup or your Porsche is in need of an oil and fluids check, our specialists will treat each vehicle with the proper care and attention it needs to continue performing at the level you expect.

German made vehicles require a deeper commitment to own and maintain, their performance and comfort are unparalleled but that type of design and manufacturing requires precision maintenance and routine service to ensure each component is properly taken care of.

The specialists at Monaco Motors have decades of experience working on these German import vehicles and understand the intricacies that make vehicles like BMW, Audi and Porsche stand out from the rest of the cars out on the market today. Drivers choose vehicles with high dependability and quality and finding a mechanic to service those vehicles should have the same traits. For drivers in Calabasas, Monaco Motors brings all of the experience and knowledge of the dealership to a more personal and affordable maintenance experience for your prized German import.