Belts & Chains

Depending upon the model of a car, a belt or chain is the mechanism that turns a car’s camshaft.
These parts are responsible for keeping the pistons from hitting your car’s valves. If a belt or chain isn’t replaced before it wears out or breaks, you could be faced with expensive engine work.

Here’s a brief sampling of car models and their replacement schedule for belt or chain: MODEL BELT OR CHAIN MILES
****************************************************************** BMW Belt 50K
Porsche 944 Belt 30K
Ferrari Belt 30K
Mercedes V8 Chain 125K
Mercedes 380SL Chain (single row) 50K
Mercedes 4&6 cylinder Chain 100K

The age of a belt is critical even if a mileage specification hasn’t been met.
A belt should be replaced within five years. Chain driven camshafts should have
their chain guide rails inspected before these break and fall into the chain and
cause the chain to break. Mileage determines when chains are replaced.