Tires are expensive these days, so you want to get the most life you can out of them. El Nino-created potholes exist everywhere these days and just one of them could damage your car’s alignment if hit hard enough!

The best way to tell if your alignment is off is to check your steering wheel while driving on a flat surface. Look down at your steering wheel. If the wheel remains even, you’re fine, but if the steering wheel veers to one side, you can bet the alignment is off. It’s a lot less expensive to align and balance the tires than to buy new ones. You should correct poor alignment before the condition worsens. Depending on the extent to which the alignment is off and the duration of the imbalance, you could be faced with very serious tire wear.

It is best to take a periodic look at your tires to check wear and tear. Include checking the insides of your tires too. You have to get down on your hands and knees, which makes this an especially difficult task. This way, however, you can see across the tires. You’ll be glad to know that whenever you bring your car to Monaco Motors, we make it a point to inspect tires every time a car is put on the hoist. We do this to check wear patterns and for nails or anything else your tires may have picked up. Tire pressure, another important factor, is also checked.

We’ve recently purchased the best alignment equipment money can buy. Manufactured by Hunter, this equipment is rated #1 in alignment. Hunter also maintains the best reputation in the industry in automotive equipment.