All summer long your wiper blades have been drying out-leaving you with bad wiper blades when you need them for the first storm of the year. Don’t get caught in a winter rainstorm without wiper blades, it’s very frustrating! Also, if you’re planning on going to the snow or a weekend get-a-way make sure your coolant has been flushed in the last three years in order have maximum protection against, “Engine block freeze up”. Even if you don’t make it to the snow you want to stay on top of this. If it doesn’t get done every three years you could be in for some corrosion in your internal engine block & related components. All Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche use cast iron and aluminum to make up their engine blocks which are vulnerable to corrosion. Before winter gets here try putting on your heater! Make sure that it works before those chilly mornings get here. Sometimes the heater valves get stuck, the ducting falls out of place or the electronics fail. Preventive maintenance is the key. To help you with this, we keep a close track on your last maintenance and when it was done. So if you’re in any doubt as to when these items may have been performed, don’t hesitate to call. We will be happy to look them up for you in your history report and advise you on any needed repairs.