(New or Used: That is the question!)

The first question you ask yourself is whether you still like your car or not. Some people love their cars and investing money into the old one is worth it. Perhaps your car has sentimental value or you like the way it handles. If you fall into this category, you want it fixed. No matter what!

This happened to a customer of ours who walked into our shop one day and said, “Wade, I’ve researched it and my Mercedes looks pretty good right now. I still like my car so let’s do whatever it takes to put it in top shape.”

Our customer had figured out that it would cost him $6,000 a year if he bought a new and only $2,000 – $3,000 a year in maintenance for his existing car. So if you’re like this gentleman and love your car, give it to us for a free evaluation. You can then make an informed decision on whether or not to buy new or revamp the old.

Buying a used car or fixing up your current model? Be sure to get a 52 to 200 point inspection to make an informed decision.

Another group of people may feel differently about their mature car. They may be tired of the upkeep and believe that a new car may save money. Rather than running to the nearest car dealer, consider the options. Buying a new car may cost you more in long run. The insurance on a new car is higher and then there are the
monthly payments on top of maintenance costs.

A car is the second largest investment you make and it’s important that you enjoy what you drive. If you don’t like your current car you should buy a new one if it makes you happy.

Buying that new car, however, doesn’t necessarily mean a brand new model. It could be a used car. If fact, a 2-year old model could end up saving you thousands of dollars. So, if you are considering buying a use car, bring it to us. We’ll thoroughly inspect it. We put used cars through a 52 to 200 – point safety check. You’ll then know whether your efforts to save money will pay off for you.