The Beach Boys had the right idea! But feeling the vibrations from the steering wheel of your BMW is another matter! Those vibrations you feel from your steering wheel when braking are actually caused by old (not necessarily car’s front suspension broken) bushings on your car’s suspension. BMWs are notorious for this problem. The is very sensitive to rotors becoming warped and bushings getting weakened. Sometimes, both of these problems are the culprits of your steering wheel vibrations.

We consider ourselves experts in this area. But this isn’t an exact science; a technician must verify what’s at the root of the problem first before a diagnosis is concluded.

Where you feel the vibration is a good clue to the location of the problem. If you feel a vibration in the seat, chances are you have a problem in the rear of the car. There are a lot of different types of vibrations. Some can be as simple as tires out of balance.

We had one customer come to us for her first time with a vibration problem. She had taken her car to another shop, which replaced everything on the front suspension and she still had the problem. We investigated the problem and revealed the problem was in the tires! We replaced the tires, which solved everything.