You are not alone on this one! The car manufacturers are required by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard to design brake pads for efficiency. They have no requirements for noise or wear. Many people with this very common problem are told by the dealers that they must just live with it. We, on the other hand, like to consult everyone on his or her squeaky brakes. First, we find out how bad the squeak really is and when it’s occurring. For example, is it occurring only when the brakes are cold, like in the morning? If so, brake a little longer than usual to warm them up. As with racing brake pads, they make noise when they’re cold but when they’re warmed up, they are quite and very efficient. Another factor to consider–were the brakes just changed? If so, the solution is the same…brake a little longer than usual to warm them up. This also removes any brake dust, which is another culprit of squeaky brakes. Other factors like heated/warped rotors will be addressed in the next Newsletter.