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"The Best"

The best, most reliable and honest service center in LA!. Great pricing, great owner!. Joe

Amazing friendly service

I have three babies, two daughters and my 1994 S500 Mercedes Benz. When i discovered Monaco Motors, i found a place i could trust my MBZ baby to. To Wade and his team i wish you a great new year. And thanks for the great service you have shown me and my car. I am certain when my daughters are old enough to drive they we will still have that 500- thanks to Monaco's help. Jeff

Great Work, Honest and Professional

I brought my merecedes S430 for service and they did an outstanding job. The price was significantly less than the dealer and the work done was excellent. They picked my car up at work and droped it off with a great wash and clean. I was very happy with my service and would recommend them to everyone. BD-city search

BMW Heaven

Talk about professionaism and knowing "how" to treat the customer. At Monaco Motors I realized I had found a diamond in the rough. Most autocare or auto repairs needed on M/Benz, Porsche, BMW and other high end vehicles cost an arm and the perverbial leg. Not so @ Monaco Motors and I found that these guys really know their stuff and that ends up saving you/me $$$ as they don't have as many hours in the repair end. I also have to say they treat you very special there and keep their word about WHEN your car will be ready and keep to the estimate they gave me. Please, Please ask for Wade or Mike for BMW help and M/Benz and Porsche.............My 740Li never had it so good. Neither have I, now I can really afford to keep this BMW that I cherish. P.Sullivan Valencia, CA

They do great work and have great service at a fair price
We've taken all 3 cars to Wade. They all needed different levels of service and repairs and many special requests for check, call then do in a very customized way for us. They made us feel comfortable with all the decisions and costs going through the repair process. They satisfied our every request and did ALL the jobs at way less than the dealership prices. And in some cases, what the dealership quoted wasn't even required. They were very good at communicating with me and explaining the needs of our cars and letting us make the decisions along the way. We made 1 trip with all 3 cars and saved about $3,800 for the work we needed. Thanks Wade, Bill and the Monaco Motors Crew!
~BMW ZRoadster

The guys ALWAYS take care of me there!! They are so trustworthy and honest! I had the convertible top on my mini cooper sliced open through a break in and Mike called all the places nearby to get a gorgeous top that was slightly used, so I saved almost $800!! And the best part is I didn't even have to ask!! I highly recommend Monaco Motors!

For years my 2003 BMW was serviced by a large dealership from whom I had purchased a maintenance contract. Although I understood that it was more expensive than a local independent repair shop, I was under the impression that I was paying for better service. Well, once I started going to Monaco Motors I realized how wrong I had been. Not only is it significantly less expensive, but I feel that Wade and his excellent crew really have my back. These guys have integrity and it shows. After a year and half of having them service my car, I have no doubt that they are worthy of my trust. My BMW 325 is the first really nice vehicle I've owned. I'm not a rich man so I'm going to take great care of it and keep it running in top condition for as long as I can. Monaco Motors was the missing ingredient I needed to have in order to make that happen without breaking the bank. They feel like family and I actually enjoy going in there even when I know I'm going to have to part with a few bucks to get the job done. At least I know it's done right and for great price.
"Finally got fed up with dealer pricing and was searching for a decent independent repair shop. Used Angie's to find Monaco, went to their website and sent an email inquiry about my repair. Got an email back the next day from Wade who said they could do it, and to call Mike for an appointment. Mike checked the pricing on the part for me and made an appointment for me right away. It only took about 45 minutes, they got the part installed, charged me a fair price for the part and labor. I waited in their small but comfortable and well air conditioned waiting room and chatted with Mike who was an extremely knowledgeable and friendly service advisor. I highly recommend Monaco."

I have been using them for three years and we are pretty happy. They do good work and we can really trust them. They are responsive and timely about everything they do.
~Angies List Post

His specialty is fine European Automobiles. I've taken my car there many times. I am always satisfied and trust him with my valued vehicle.
~Angies List Post

"Excellent. Good communication. Accurate estimate. Car runs great."
~Angies List Post

“Monaco Motors is awesome and Wade is fantastic.”

~Barry Bonds, San Francisco Giants

“I trust Monaco Motors to do the job right the first time.”
~Steve Hoskins, San Francisco, CA

"Monaco Motors was able to resolve my cooling system problems 
when no one else could-including the dealer!”

~Steve Majors, Chatsworth, CA

"I go to Monaco Motors for two reasons; They are knowledgeable, 
and they do the job right.”

~Roy Lee, KABC Radio, LA

A letter from a happy customer
My #5 spark plug shot out of the cylinder head. The spark plug hole was
completely stripped and my car was undrivable. I had it towed to the
They looked at it and told me that I needed a new cylinder head - at a
cost of $6000! My car is CPO and supposedly has a 100,000 mile
drive train warranty. They disclaimed all responsibility because I had
Bosch Platinum +4 spark plugs installed and they're not "factory
certified" spark plugs. When I bought my car CPO, those were the plugs
that were in it. I never changed them. They said that they had no way
to verify that I hadn't changed the plugs, and it was my bad luck.
So, I got on the phone and stared calling independent BMW shops. One of
the calls I made was to RMS ( These guys are
rippin' BMW tuners. They make superchargers and do all kinds of cool
mods. Anyway, I talked to Sean over there and he said that if I wanted
them to put a supercharged M engine in my car I could bring it to them.
If I wanted to have the motor that's in it repaired, I should call
over to Monaco Motors ( and talk to Wade.
It's Wades shop.
I called Wade and told him about the situation. He told me that he'd
seen this kind of damage on Porsches from time to time, but never on a
late model BMW. He said to bring it over and he'd see what he can do.
I had the car towed over there (don't even get me started on how poorly
the dealership treated me when I wanted to have my car towed elsewhere
to have the repairs done). Wade and his staff were so helpful and
friendly. I had my car back within 48 hours. They put in a heli-coil and
changed some belts that were showing wear. The whole thing cost me less
than $700.

If you're in the L.A. area and you need service, these are the people
to see. I can't recommend them highly enough. They're knowledgeable,
friendly and great at what they do. I'll never take my car to the
dealership for service or repairs again - now that I know about Monaco

-Damien, LA
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